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The construction of the human robot: Neoliberalism, neuroscience and materialism.

The construction of the human robot: Neoliberalism, neuroscience and materialism.

From a decade ago, a global crisis began to shake the ideology of consumerism infinity. All of human society of the west and part of the Middle East faced a crisis of meaning to be found with a limit and a decline of the economy that led to a limit and a setback in the social project. This crisis of meaning a change of thought with more openness, by large segments of the society, toward spirituality in its most varied forms and to the schools that pose an internal solution to the suffering and a materialistic vision of life. Proliferated as well all kinds of spiritual and therapeutic proposals: Yoga, Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, shamanic encounters, reiki, etc., which offered a new meaning to our existence. This new phase of “broadening of consciousness” favoured his time that certain psychotherapeutic techniques that had been ignored or even banned were accepted in new and very promising research will be initiated. Examples of these investigations were the implementation of reiki in public hospitals, the introduction of meditation, or the emotional education, in schools or restarting the psychedelic assisted psychotherapy for people who suffer from PTSD or terminally ill patients. At the grass-roots level was seen as the most sceptical or with a more classical education began to take an interest in all types of alternative therapies to the public and private system of medicine and spiritual type proposals outside of religions and schools of thought.

The socio-economic level, this represented a decline in the number of patients in medical consultations (especially in psychiatry) and parishioners in the various churches. They began to hear critical voices against the pharmaceutical industry, accused of acting immorally, with an interest focused on selling new drugs above the interest in health. There were also complaints and protests annexed to the overdiagnosis, especially in the mental health, with apparent epidemics of ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety. In general began to breathe a few airs reminiscent to the phenomenon that in the years 60-70 came to counterculture, with the emergence of alternative organizations to the system established in areas as diverse as food, education, politics, family structure, sex or housing.

Without doubt a situation such as the one that was beginning to take shape due concern to the major economic interests (remember that the pharmaceutical multinationals are one of the three big business in volume of the planet and established religions are one of the tools of social control more important) and political rights. His counterattack has been a long time coming, but when it has developed in a very intelligent and coordinated on all fronts, giving rise to an ideology of authoritarian rule that sees human beings as elements to be used or disposed of according to economic interests.

This new materialism denies the spiritual dimension of the human being and life, and asserts itself in a rationalism atheist exacerbated and aggressive. In the postruth era, your main tool is the disinformation and propaganda, always under the umbrella of a science supposedly based on the evidence. It is proposed that a reductionist view of the human phenomenon to the surface and biological elements of their behaviour, always quantifiable and manipulable by the administration of psychotropic drugs. A step beyond the “Brave New World” recommended by Huxley, the technology has become the greatest exponent for the control and alienation.

This materialist ideology and scientistic has spread to all areas of discussion on the consciousness and the human psyche. The hypothesis with respect to the reality of consciousness as an accidental by-product of the brain processes behave, at a practical level, a radical change in the current situation of mental health, education, spirituality, medicine and the same structure of society, supported and justified in a novel technology, the neuro-scanner, which is intended to be the only way for the study of the human mind, and in the new science that has created, neuroscience, as having a physical truth and unique.

In the mental health this new vision represents a change of direction in the diagnosis, treatment, and the situation of persons who may suffer mental problems. If the mind and consciousness are by-products of brain functioning, and are conditioned physically by genetics that configures the brain, all mental problem is a physical problem and, as such, can and should be treated physically, by means of medication or behavioural re-education, following rigid protocols that, in the future, may be applied, not by a therapist or mental health professionals, but through computer programs and other cyber- appliances.

What is most worrying are the proposals that have been presented by political parties of the right-liberal, populist, and the illegalization side, in countries like as Spain or Argentina, that all the health practice, or even spiritual, that was not based on the truth of the evidence-based science. What these law proposals intends to do is to pursue and punish the practice of disciplines as varied as psychoanalysis, bioenergetics, the Jungian psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Reiki, NLP, regressive therapy and an endless list, under the approach that are frauds and a danger to public health.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that this kind of laws are the tip of the iceberg of a proposal on social, political and economic much more comprehensive, a rethinking of the whole western society toward a model of social control, where the majority of human beings are seen as disposable tools within the mechanism of world production, mechanical beings, programmable and predictable, at the service of a few programs, robots without a soul.

Barcelona, 18 January 2018.

Jordi Àlvarez Carniago is a psychotherapist of transpersonal orientation, researcher, teacher and lecturer in psychology, consciousness and spirituality. robot humano